Our Focus

Stephanopark Self Storage focus on storing your possessions with peace of mind, and you as a valued client’s belongings to protect to the best of our ability. As there were no price increase in 2019, it is necessary to increase the prices from 1 March 2020, less than the yearly inflation for the two years.

In providing our service to you, we experience significant all-round cost increases and reflect these increases in your monthly rent. The monthly rent will be increase from 1 March 2020 rounded to the nearest ten rand.

The prices will be from 1 March 2020 as follows:

  • 3m x 3mR510 to R550-00(R40) per maand/month

  • 3m x 3mR510 to R550-00(R40) per maand/month

  • 3m x 4mR620 to R670-00(R50) per maand/month

  • 3m x 6mR790 to R850-00(R60) per maand/month

  • 3m x 8mR1040 to R1120-00(R80) per maand/month

  • 3m x 9mR1170 to R1260-00(R90) per maand/month

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